Heidelberg alarm systems services

We service many types of alarm systems to most major brands including Bosch, DAS, NESS, HILLS Reliance NetworX NX DAS, Solution, Honeywell, Ademco Crow, DSC, EDM and more.

Repairs to alarm systems Old & New in Heidelberg. We service most makes and models. We have the most experienced alarm techs in the security industry and are fully prepared for your needs.

Our service vehicles are stocked up well in advance for many onsite emergency repairs. Whatever your security needs Alarms Melbourne offers fast reliable security service callout to your premises.


. Commercial installations can cost anywhere from $800 to $5000 for more elaborate types including expander units, access control, etc.

Hard wired systems usually are installed to single story buildings and wireless alarm systems usually fitted to double story buildings.

How much does it cost to supply & install a security alarm system Price list?

Alarm System types Cost Install 2 Remotes Install
Bosch 3 sensor kits Supply Fit Supply Fit
Bosch 880 kit 3 Pirs $399 $869 $519 $989
880U Wireless Kit $579 $1079 $699 $1149
Bosch 2000 Kit 3 Pirs $409 $879 $529 $999
Bosch 3000 Kit 3 Pirs $439 $919 $559 $1219
Bosch 3000 wireless $560 $1030 $680 $1210
Bosch 6000 Kit 3 Pirs $480 $1160 $599 $1250
Bosch 6000 wireless $855 $1405 $975 $1525
Ness Alarms Cost Install 2 Remotes Install
Ness D8 Kit
Supply Fit Supply Fit
Ness Dx8D Wired $499 $869 $899 $989
Ness Dx8D Wireless $779 $1079 $903 $1149
Ness Dx16 Wired $519 $969 $672 $1120
Ness Dx16D Wireless $819 $1200 $970 $1430
Ness R16 Wireless kit $599 $1069 $739 $1199
Hills Alarms Cost 2 Remotes
Hills 2 sensor kits Supply Install Supply Install
Hills NX8 wired $386 $856 $486 $956
Hills R8 wired $386 $856 $486 $956
Hills R8 Wireless $tba $tba $tba $tba
Hills R12 wired $442 $912 $542 $1012
Hills R12 Wireless $tba $tba $tba $tba
R128 16 zone wired $506 $976 $606 $1076
R128 16 Wireless $tba $tba $tba $tba

Displayed alarm system kits include

  • 2-3 x Wireless/Hard wired movement detectors (PIRs)
  • 1 x External (alarm box type) or Slimline type blue strobe unit with siren
  • Alerts you in the event of alarm activation to your mobile phone or 24 hour back to base
  • 1x Internal siren (top hat piezo)
  • AC plug pack power supply & 12 volt 7 AH battery backup
  • Main unit box with circuit board and accessories
  • 1x code pad controller + optional 2 key fobs with receiver unit

Do it yourself or get an expert to install your alarm!

The most important question of security system installation costs is whether you’ll going to do it yourself (DIY) or ring for a licensed experienced security technician.

Hiring a professional service technician can cost you anywhere from $55 upwards of $85 per hour for installation. We have a good range of these very reliable alarm kits in stock for sale.

Wireless alarm systems can be relatively simple to install yourself, provided you’re willing to do the hard work. Hard wired systems can be challenging especially if you have never done this before. Try avoiding situations that may cause false alarms regarding installing detectors (sensors) in your home.

Helpful security tips to avoid false alarms!

  • Make sure heating and air conditioning is switched of before setting the alarm system
  • Ensure windows and doors are secure before setting the alarm
  • Spray insect surface spray around movement detectors twice a year and mostly in summertime
  • Test your home security system often to ensure equipment is working properly
  • Ensure that panic buttons and other emergency devices are out of the reach of children
  • Perform regular maintenance to your alarm system
  • Have you property maintained with pest control importantly in harsh environmental conditions like a garage where movement detectors are active.

Low battery and loss of power

After 3 years the typical backup battery in a system will be very low or completely flat. In this case Alarm Maintenance will replace it and also give the system a full service. Home security systems contain batteries that have to be replaced. Alarm systems give you a trouble status when the battery levels are low and in some cases a low battery can trigger a false alarm.

Loss of mains power can also be the cause of faulty alarms. An alarm system battery supplies back-up power to the alarm system during loss of mains and should always be in good condition

False alarming control panel

Old security alarm systems can cause many false alarms and should be replaced or upgraded if needed. Many alarm control panels go faulty over time because they hardly get serviced in time.

There is also the possibility of a faulty alarm system keypad, battery, siren or movement sensor may be causing a faulty alarm connected to the panel.

Regular alarm system maintenance

You should conduct regular maintenance to ensure that the devices and other home security equipment are cleaned, and working the way it should. Objects, dust, water leakage, spider webs, and movement sensor fittings can be many reasons for faulty alarms.

Doors and windows sensors

If a door or window is in poor condition, it can easily be moved by the wind and trigger an alarm. Doors that are locked with a deadbolt are more sturdy and can help faulty alarms.

Proper alarm system installation

When a home security alarm system is fitted, it is important sensors and devices are correctly fitted according to Australian Standards and manufacturer’s recommendations. If you’re fitting a do-it-yourself home security system, you must be careful so you can minimize faulty alarms.

False alarms with heaters and coolers, pets, and rodents

Some movement detectors can be triggered by heaters and coolers left operating when the alarm system is activated. Some motion detectors can be triggered by pets, rats, or insects. If you own a pet, be certain your home security system use “pet-friendly” sensors; otherwise, pets movement around the house will trigger and activate a false alarm.

Security alarm system user error

You may simply forget to disarm your security alarm system. Easy to forget when you are in a hurry. Please don`t forget when with trusted relatives and friends who disarms your alarm system, they understand how to operate the alarm system correctly or this may cause false alarms later on. (example: Let them know how to disarm the alarm system if it goes off for any reason). Also please read your user manual properly as there will be some handy info for false alarms.

We can provide you with many tips to help protecting you and your property

Services to Security Alarm Systems

We repair your alarm system without the need to upgrade your existing system. It could be the case that you only have a faulty sensor on a window which is causing false alarms. If this is the case, you may only be looking for replacement to the faulty sensor.

After 5 years the typical backup battery in a system will be very low. In this case we will replace the battery.

If you have an existing alarm system that is faulty and is now obsolete due to age, you may only need a new circuit board and keypad. This is because the sensors and other devices are still fine.

This is the most cost effective way to get your security alarm up and running again. Alarm Systems Heidelberg will run a diagnostic check to safely verify the entire system.

If the external siren outside your house is not working, this might often be caused by wear and tear. We will repair or replace the siren if required.

It is very important to keep your home alarm system serviced.

Insurance companies prefer you have a good working security alarm properly maintained in Heidelberg. Regular servicing helps to maintain the reliable performance of your burglar alarm system which ensures reliability and prevents a beeping alarm keypad.

Changing alarm master and user codes

Changing user codes can be performed easily in most cases. Please refer to your user manual for instructions on how to change codes.

If you have lost your master code this should be done by a licensed technician as you will need a factory default. You might not be able to do this procedure without a program pin code.

Please never give your code to anyone. If you think someone may have your user pin code, please change this immediately.

If you move into a new property with an existing intruder alarm, please have it serviced immediately. Phone alarm Systems Heidelberg to check and clear your key fobs. Previous owners may have several remote control arm/disarm units that you may not be aware about.

Alarm systems Serviced Old & New – false alarms fixed, upgrades, battery replacements, keypad replacements, alarm code resets, reprogramming

Repairs to alarm systems Old & New in Melbourne. Service most makes and models including NESS, BOSCH, DSC, EDM, DAS, Crow Runner Powerwave, Hills Reliance, Solution, Honeywell, Ademco, Vista, NX, Networx. We have the most experienced alarm technicians in the security industry and are fully prepared for your needs.

Our service vehicles are stocked up well in advance for many onsite emergency repairs. Whatever your security needs Alarms Melbourne offers fast reliable security services callout to your premises.

We service keypad light flashing – Battery light flashing – Fault light flashing – Alarm keypad beeping – Alarm system reset – Alarm battery replacements – Keypad replacements – Smoke alarms beeping – false alarms repaired

Regular servicing helps to maintain the performance of your alarm system in Australia. It is important to have your intruder alarm system serviced every 3 years. Regular servicing of an alarm system ensures the system’s reliability and durability.


Services Include: Alarm beeping – lost burglar alarm user code – Emergency alarm repairs – Unable to stop alarm siren – Upgrades – Alarm service fault light on – False alarms fixed – adding and replacing access codes – Alarm siren box repairs – Alarm control panel replacements – Alarm keypad repairs, replacements

Local home security alarm systems are a good start to property protection.

With advanced security technologies available security protection has never been better than previously before. Smartphone apps and Wifi devices all add up to good monitoring when your out and about.

With good quality security doors and locks, external sensor lights help to beef up safety at your premises. Ensure you lock up your doors, windows and alarm ON when your away. Importantly hide your spare house keys, car keys from would be burglars, Upon return, hide your keys as well at home, especially when your asleep at night.

A good idea is to purchase a good quality lock box for your keys to lock up like a safe which we sell to securely store all your keys. Additionally if you do not have home monitor mode protection at night, it will be worth investing in this perimeter security upgrade.

We can stop alarm system keypad beeping fault

We can stop an annoying alarm beeping keypad to many makes and models of home security devices in Heidelberg. Burglar alarm owners could experience intermittent shrieking from your sirens. This is a sign that your alarm maintenance is overdue and requires immediate service.

An alarm beeping also indicates this requires servicing. Alarm systems will emit a beeping sound from the keypad to indicate a service issue.

During a service condition, the intermittent beeping is intended to draw your attention to the keypad. Lights or a text wording can then give you further information about the beeping error. The user manual might have instructions on silencing a chirping or beeping code pad.

Reasons for Beeping alarm keypad

Common alarm beeping problems include comms error, receiver module error, AC mains failure, phone line fault, fuse fault, battery fault or wireless security equipment fault.

Security tips

Preventing Theft to your Property

So what is the appropriate course of action to take to protect YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR POSSESSIONS!

Follows these tips and hopefully you will never have to deal with any theft at your property.

When on holidays get a trusted friend or family member to always clear your junk mail from the letter box. Get Australia Post to redirect & hold your mail. Make sure to turn on the alarm system if you have one.

Fit a burglar alarm system and have it monitored

The cost is very affordable now and they are a valuable deterrent. You can activate your alarm when you are away and also when your are at home or when you are asleep. When you go to bed at night you can activate the zones that you don’t sleep in, meaning the ground floor of your home can be alarmed while you sleep soundly upstairs. You will have complete peace of mind.

Fit cameras to your home

Many Professional CCTV camera surveillance systems can be relatively affordable and look a whole a lot better than the earlier types. The recording unit should be hidden and locked away inside a cupboard. Place outside warning decals as few intruders will want to be captured on video.

Make sure you fit a reliable camera security system (cctv). Should your home be targeted, the Police may have valuable legal evidence to catch and prosecute a thief.

Be cautious when moving into a new home!

For total security replace existing locks when you move into a new property or if you lose your keys. Pre-owners may have a spare key to the property you now own.

Make an appearance that someone is home. Intruders check properties looking for homeowners who are away from their home. Automatic devices are great ways to turn lights radios, tv`s, etc on and off while you’re out.

Beef up security outside your property

Use sensors lights for your front and rear property. This will best deter intruders and they will likely quickly vacate.

Fit security doors and use deadbolt Locks to external doors and windows. Exterior doors should have at least 2.5 cm thick deadbolt locks.

Keep a list of emergency numbers in a handy location. In case of emergency ring 000. Never give out personal information when answering the telephone unless you are certain of confirming the peoples identity.

Secure your property properly when going away

Close your windows and doors at night and when you go out. Home security alarm systems are a great deterrent for burglars as they do not like them! Burglars tend to look for an external siren box when checking out a property.

If they see a burglar alarm warning decal or device they will most likely vacate.

Follow these steps and the chances are you will never have to face the dilemma of what to do if a burglar breaks in. We have a duty to protect ourselves, our families and our possessions. By following these steps you will always come out on top!

Alarm Systems Heidelberg recommends a qualified technician to service your security devices to ensure the reliable performance of your Heidelberg premises.

In most cases the alarm systems clock (date/time) needs to be reset and we run a diagnostic check to reset the service light and beeping code pad. We can repair your equipment for prompt service in Heidelberg

Alarm Systems Heidelberg service most types of security systems and we will act promptly in any situation that affects your home or business so you can rest assured that your property is protected. PROTECTING PEOPLE PROPERTY | PROMPT RELIABLE SERVICE. NDC