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Alarms Melbourne service to many customer requests including Hills Reliance memory light flashing – Power light flashing – Service light flashing – Alarm keypad beeping – Alarm system reset – Alarm battery replacements – Keypad replacements – Alarm Beeping fault – False alarms repaired – Smoke alarms beeping – Fire light flashing fast – Siren trouble – Wireless Hills alarms

We also repair Hills alarm system keypads – Standard LED Vertex , TouchNav and VoiceNav, Hills alarm panels, wireless devices, battery replacements, factory defaults and reset your alarm system is you have lost your code.

Hills Reliance R8 alarm system

The Hills reliance alarm system is a top ranked seller in Australia making this one of the most reliable in protecting your property whether it be home or office. Hills security are very reliable, affordable to purchase, very simple to operate and you can connect remote radio key fobs to arm/disarm the console from any location in your property including outside the garage entrance as you enter/exit. We highly recommend Hills alarm systems to protect you and your family every day so everyone can feel safe and secure anywhere in Australia.

Hills R8 alarm system description 

The Hills R8 security system supports many different types of keypads including Hills Vertex 8 zone LED, TouchNav, VoiceNav and alphanumeric which is very user friendly for basic use and for programming functions. Hills provides back-up battery protection for when there is a power outage in the area. This  battery is connected to the main circuit board through to mains plug-in transformer which then chargers the battery. Hills can support hard-wired and radio wireless devices so easy installation for double story homes can be achieved as cabling runs can be difficult to manage.

Hills R8 security system features

The Hills alarm system features up to 8 remote code pads, 8 programmable zones for connecting security devices such as movement detectors, smoke alarms, door sensors including hard-wired & wireless with an RF receiver module set-up, supports up to 8 pin codes, supports control room monitoring via pernaconn communicator or can connect notifications to a mobile phone with the ComNav IP module. The ComNav is an IP device that connects to the internet either being cable or WI-FI to alert alarm activations.  Also features two types of operation including full ARM mode when you are away to protect your valuables or PARTIAL mode when you are inside the home or asleep at night to protect families from home invasions. The chime mode function is very useful for shops and business as this monitors customers entering through the doorway. This chime mode can also monitor the children during the day at home with sensors being installed to the front/back doors.

How to fix faults to a Hills alarm system!

Is your alarm system keypad beeping?   Do you have a service indicator light lit on your pad ?   Are there false alarms making a loud noise?   Is the power light or fire light flashing?

These issues are very common for a very old alarm system. Faulty Hills security systems can very troublesome at times but in most cases can be repaired with a bit a patience to locate the defective device. There are a few simple tests that can be done at the code pad that can assist this process with the help from a users guide to diagnose the fault in question.

HILLS Vertex control panel

Do you have a faulty sensor connected to your control panel?

This fault can be be very easy to locate as the keypad will signal a zone fault to the corresponding zone number either with a flashing light, indicator symbol flashing or a fault error code displaying on the pad. example “Faulty Zone 3 Lounge room Sensor” To rectify this, identify the faulty sensor and change to a new one. If this still does not fix the problem check the wiring circuit to the zone affected as this may now have a cut wire somewhere in the roof.

How do you locate which alarm sensor zone activated to HILLS alarm system?

To check the event  history from the keypad press the star button then followed by the “#” button                The number displayed now will be the faulty sensor in question.

HILLS alarm system code pad

So what is a zone system fault?

A zone fault is when your control panel has detected an issue to a specific alarm zone to a security device such as a door sensor or a movement detector

Faulty Zone 24/7 tamper device causing false alarms

There are a number of reasons that can cause a tamper fault or trouble code to be shown on your console.
24/7 tampers are installed to your intruder alarm because they safely protect your equipment from being tampered with by a robber. So what’s is the trouble false alarms associated with this? It may be related to your external siren box outside the property which houses a tamper device which has corroded over time now creating an open circuit to the wiring. This will make the sirens to sound unexpectedly
The fault may also be related to the controller box that has a 24 hour tamper switch protecting the lid to the unit. This action will send an alert to the user if monitored. Many hard-wired or wireless sensors may contain a tamper circuit connected to the system whereby when the cover is disturbed to the sensor, will show a tamper code displayed at the keypad. Every tamper switch contains a spring that when compressed down completes the circuit and when covers removed causes a break in the loop. So to rectify this make sure the covers are all seated properly and the springs are not broken at the base. Also make sure the covers are installed properly and hinges are not snapped off.

Hills NX-4 alarm system kit

Having a flat battery to a Hills alarm system?

It’s now time to replace the battery. Your code pad should indicate a power light flashing to notify this low battery. When finished working on your Hills alarm system especially if switched this OFF users may now require to reset the time and date. Check your user manual for the operating instructions for this programming step. You will need a valid master code to perform this function.

Do you have a low battery to your HILLS wireless sensors?

Having a low battery to your system devices will happen within 5 years time so now now change them all.
To do this procedure requires removing the front housing from the back mounting wall plate. Warning that removing these devices may indicate a loud sounding tamper alert to the zone that is connected to.
You’ll then need to open the device by pushing on the top of it and now pull back. You may need a small screwdriver to help remove the inside battery housing. Be careful not to damage the tamper switch. The batteries are now visible and after you have completed changing the batteries now put back the cover to its original back housing.
Make sure they are fitted back properly as previously before.
Now the service light indicator will turn off on the display screen. If the service light is lit you will need to contact a security technician.

alarm system sensor

Mains power failure causing issues

Is there is a mains power outage in your region? If there is an electrical lightning strike in your area and at the same time having a low battery, then you may not receive power to your home alarm system. Your back-up battery may not be sufficient to keep your alarm system working properly until the power is restored. This may now start a beeping noise at the keypad To fix this situation always replace your battery in time to prevent troubles like this happening in the future.

Not receiving alarm notifications to your mobile phone?

Is your Hills alarm system showing a phone line failure displayed at the controller?
Are you receiving no communication signals at the 24 hour monitoring control room? Then you’ll need to check for software updates. If still unable to rectify please contact your mobile phone service provider for further assistance.

How to Reset the Hills Date and Time Settings

When finished working on your Hills alarm system especially if powered down users may now require to reset the date and time. Check your manual for the operating instructions for this programming function. You will need the master code to perform this sequence.

Connecting remote controls to Hills Reliance R8

Hill remote key fob

Remote control fobs can be easily be installed to any Hills reliance panels to activate and turn the alarm off remotely from any location at the premises. The Hills alarm system has the capacity to use up to 25 remote fobs. Users can connect remotes to many types of Hills alarm systems including current, old and existing alarm panels. The receiver unit is also equipped with two onboard relays that can be used to operate other devices such as outdoor lighting, garage doors and opening doors

How to use the Hills Activor remote control 

  • Button 1 Press to ARM for away mode
  • Button 1 Press and hold down for 3 seconds to ARM in partial mode when at home
  • Button 3 Relay output 1 –  Usually used to open and close the garage roller door
  • Button 4 Relay output 2 –  Can be used to turn on & off light switches, etc
  • Button 1 & 2 simultaneously for 3 seconds triggers panic alarm

How to add an extra Hills remote control fobs

  1.  Press and hold down the program button on the receiver for 1 second. Red LED light will turn ON
  2.  Press button 1 on the remote to learn in new fob – LED flashes 3 times and stays on for 10 seconds then stays off – Remote fob now added to your Hills alarm system

Note:  If the LED only flashes once that means your remote has already been learnt into the receiver unit

How to delete Hills remote control fob

In the event someone has stolen your remote control fob then you now need to delete every remote connected and start from scratch. To do this procedure press and hold down the program button for 10 seconds and this function will delete the remotes. Then add your existing remotes back to your Hills security system as above

Hills Reliance R8 alarm system

How to Arm & Disarm Hills Security System

  1.  To ARM Press the “ON” button at the keypad Note: the ON LED will light green with exit beeping sounds
  2.  To DISARM  Press your 4 digit pin code at the keypad Note: the green LED ON light will stop illuminating (no green light) as well the beeping will stop

What are the different types of Hills alarm systems?

  1.  Hills Reliance R8 Security System     The Hills Reliance R8 is a very popular type sold to secure town houses, villa units and small to medium size properties which can supply a maximum of 8 security zones. Provides the user for hard-wired and wireless detector protection including remote control use for easy operation. Reliable basic protection to many properties in Melbourne. he R8 alarm system allows you to set a partial arm mode which monitors the external doors and windows or even downstairs when asleep at night. Also provides reliable alarm monitoring to your mobile phone
  2. Hills Reliance R12 Security System     This alarm system is the same as the R8 which has the larger ability to supply up to 12 additional detector zones to the property and is suited best for larger homes and offices
  3. .Hills Reliance R128 Security System    The R128 alarm system boasts up to 128 electronic protection zones including adding many expander devices to the system. This panel mostly suits commercial business and larger industrial sites which can support many features. Perfect for expanding into multiple building areas.  Also supports partitioning different areas including common shared zoning locations. Can utilize a maximum of 99 user codes

NBN issues to your Hills alarm system

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In most cases this updated rollout to your Hills Reliance alarm system will make alarm monitoring communications redundant. A fault light, service light and/or beeping sound occurs when your alarm system attempts to dial either a monitoring back to base, mobile phone or a domestic landline phone number without success. It is likely that the receiving number didn’t connect (communication fault). If you have purchased a new ADSL, VOIP,  WIRELESS MODEM  to your telephone system, you may need to ring your network service provider to check to see if this is compatible to your alarm system. In most cases you will now require to connect your existing Hills alarms system via wireless devices GPRS, GSM mobile dialer or ComNav via internet to your smart phone text messaging

Alarms Melbourne service many Hills alarm systems for domestic, residential and commercial security systems for protection to your property.

Hills alarm system maintenance should be done by a qualified technician. If your alarm system is beeping, this is a signal that your alarm system needs to be serviced. We provide fast call-out servicing including R8 R12 R128 NetworX NX-4 NX-8 NX-12 NX-16 DAS (direct alarm supplies)

When your DAS Hills alarm system double beeps when you turn on your security system this is a sign servicing is now urgently required. If your sirens start sounding loud unexpectedly 24/7 we provide helpful information to stop & shutdown your alarm system click or tap here

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