Solution Alarm Systems


One of the most popular alarm systems made in its time including: Solution 4 + 4 | Solution 6 + 6 | Solution 8 | Solution 16 | Solution 880 Ultima | Solution 862 488 2000 3000 6000

Our Alarm Maintenance can connect remote controls to current old and existing alarms

We sell a good range of reconditioned keypads for many older type Solution systems. We do alarm system battery replacements, factory defaults, alarm repair beeping solution keypads, alarm repair fault light flashing solution keypad, factory code resets, etc.

We can service your Solution alarm: FAULT LIGHT FLASHING | Exclamation mark inside a TRIANGLE SYMBOL DISPLAYED  for LCD KEYPADS | solution alarm repair icon solution alarm repairs mains light flashing SOLUTION ALARM BEEPING KEYPAD | SOLUTION MAINS LIGHT FLASHING KEYPAD  SOLUTION ALARM KEYPAD REPLACEMENT | SOLUTION ALARM FALSE ALARMING

Does your existing alarm system have keyring remote controls? We can connect them to any alarm system!

Solution alarm system reset should be done by a qualified technician. In most cases, the program code is not known and makes this process difficult to do yourself. A full factory default is then required. If your Solution alarm system is beeping, this is a signal that your alarm system needs to be serviced.

Solution alarm test PDF
Solution alarm beeping keypad help

Changing alarm master and user codes can be performed easily in most cases. Please refer to your user manual for instructions on how to change codes. If you have lost your master code this must be done by a licensed technician as you will need to factory default your alarm system. You may not be able to do this procedure without an installers pin code. Please never give your code to anyone. If you think someone may have your user pin code, please change this immediately. Solution Code Change PDF

If you move into a new property with an existing alarm system please have it serviced straight away and ask the service technician to check and clear your keyring remote control units. Pre owners may have several remote control arm/disarm units that you may not be aware about

Solution alarm systems (880 862) has 8 zones that can be connected using a GSM unit to the Mobile Phone or Back to Base Monitoring. It can ring up to three phone numbers and sounds a “siren tone” down the line (with home number displayed) so you know the alarm has gone off. You can connect remote controls and the full range of Bosch wireless sensors. This is a very reliable system which has proven itself overtime.

Solution 844 alarm system is a 4 zone panel, with an additional 4x 24 hour zones. Very common for small homes and units.

Solution 16 Plus alarm system has an LCD English display keypad, easy programming and up to 16 zones Hardwired and Wireless. It also can SMS you over a normal land line and sends you a text message with the alarm zones that has activated. Compatible with the full range of Bosch remotes and wireless sensors. Can programmed to send a SMS to your Mobile. You can arm and disarm the panel from your Mobile Phone.

We have the most experienced Alarm Technicians in the security industry. Our friendly licensed team provide coverage in Melbourne. We repair most faults to Solution security equipment whether recent, obsolete or new. We will assigned an Expert Alarm Technician for your needs ensuring they are fully prepared for all your requirements. Our planning is scheduled well in advance to allow for any emergency repairs. Whatever your security needs Alarm Maintenance offers fast reliable security services and can tailor a solution for you.

We service keypad light flashing – Battery light flashing – Fault light flashing – Alarm keypad beeping – Alarm system reset – Alarm battery replacements – Keypad replacements – Smoke alarms beeping – Solution false alarms repaired

        Helpful instructions for most common types of Solution security alarm systems


Enter USER CODE then press the # (Away) example: 1 2 3 4 # (Away):  2 Beeps sound.  AWAY light or indicator comes ON

DISARM YOUR ALARM SYSTEM:                                          

Enter USER CODE then press the # (Away) example: 1 2 3 4 # (Away):   2 Beeps sound.  Away light comes OFF.  Zone(s) light(s) flashing if activated

ALARM MEMORY HISTORY:   Enter MASTER CODE then 3 then # (Away) eg. 1 2 3 4 3 # (Away)

Event is displayed – most recent displayed 1st to the least recent.       # to exit this feature.


Enter * twice, USER CODE then ZONE then * (Stay)

Repeat for other zones to isolate, then # to exit feature. example to isolate ZONE 2: ** 1 2 3 4 02 * # (Away)


Press and HOLD number 5 until 2 beeps are heard

Zone light indicates FAULT condition.  Refer to data sheets. Once fault type is identified. Enter # to exit this feature. Codepad beeps twice

The fault light indicator lights if the system detects a system fault. Every time a new system fault is detected the FAULT  indicator flashes and the codepad beeps every minute.

TEST REPORT – Press 9 on keypad until you hear two beeps

SIREN – Press 1 and hold until you hear two beeps – siren will sound for 2 seconds.  BELL – Press 2 until you hear two beeps – internal siren will sound for 2 seconds.  STROBE LIGHT – Press 3 until you hear three beeps – this will turn strobe light ON. Repeat, press 3 until you hear three beeps to turn strobe off. Test reporting to a monitored telephone panel can be sent without sounding the siren. press and HOLD the 9 button until your keypad is beeping twice


BEEPING SOUND – If plug pack is unplugged or the mains POWER is disconnected the keypad will beep once very minute. To silence, press 5 and hold until you hear keypad beeping twice. To display fault, see our instructions above then press #to exit this feature.